Our customers expect us to ensure their products are completely safe and secure and compliant with both military and industry regulations and standards. To meet these demands, we provide the following services:

Recognized Specifications

  • MOD SPIS Packing – Def Stan

  • US Mil Std Packing

  • ATA 300

  • Hazardous Packing

  • IM DG


  • BS1133


  • UN Containers

Static Sensitive Items

  • ESD Packing

Protection of Instruments & Equipment

  • Protection of fragile equipment

  • ATA containers re-use/re-cycle

  • Cushioned Packs

Shipping & Storage

  • Hermetically sealed to prevent moisture ingress desiccated Packing

  • Packing for Export worldwide via Road, Sea or Air

  • Long term storage


  • Foam cutting/fabrication-chip foams, polyurethane, polyethers, polyesters
  • Barrier foil bags
  • Ratchet

Storage Containers

  • GRP Cases
  • Containers for long-term storage
  • Stowage Containers

On Site Packing

  • On-Site Packing – UK & Europe